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Monthly Group Coaching
$297 per month

Strategist: Christy Charise 

One 90 Min Call Each Month:
   45 Min - Topical Curriculum
   45 Min - Q&A/ Discussion/ Implementation

6 Months Minimum; Quarterly Renewable


TERMS & CONDITIONS: Monthly Amount Auto-Billed Just Prior To Each Upcoming Month (N/A for pre-pay);
Clients May Cancel At the 6-Month or Quarterly renewal marks with at least one week notice via email; 
No Refunds; Early Termination Carries An Administrative Fee of 2x Monthly Cost
(For extreme and extenuating circumstances, exceptions can be requested in writing via email)

Item Price
$297 every month
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ONE TIME OFFER - For an additional $297 per month: Available only at time of enrollment! Most months, we will reference a workbook, language, or course that has been built for our private coaching clients on the monthly topic. Or, we will preview a turn-key, functional template, resource or tool that has been built for use in our 5 Star Pathfinder Practice. By adding this option, you'll be billed an additional $297 each month and your program will include immediate access to the relevant resources, which range from $397 (our workbooks) to $997 (our trackers, practice tools and systems and coaching courses) when purchased separately. * This pricing is HEAVILY discounted, is NOT available after enrollment and will NOT be offered again. It can be removed from the program pricing, if desired, upon request during any program renewal period. **If more than one resource is previewed in a given month, this pricing includes advisor's choice among resources offered. (1 per month).

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Monthly Topic Examples:
  • Leadership: Tips, tactics and approaches for effective team leadership
  • ​HR: Navigating team dynamics, difficult requests and sub-par performance
  • ​Systems: Specific processes for tighter execution, greater advisor leverage & efficiency, and a more consistent client experience
  • Client Experience: Backing your team up without undermining their authority and competence 
  • ​Teams: Giving feedback that motivates
  • Non-Client Marketing: Building relationships with colleagues, competitors, home office and community partners 
  • ​Marketing: Elevating client experience through well executed strategic gifting, high alignment client events, and a high touch marketing plan
  • Thought Leadership: Spearheading publication and media visibility for busy advisors and practice leaders
  • Branding: Creating aligned differentiation
  • Hiring: Systems and tools for successful on-boarding and efficient training of new team members

Additional topics can be suggested by the group and coverage order will be prioritized by group interest

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